Colorado Design-Build Procurement Task Force - Progress Update

Colorado Design-Build Procurement Task Force - Progress Update, Bill Green, RMH Group

  • On April 8 members of the ACEC/AIA/DBIA/QBSColorado task force met with representatives from AGC Colorado to discuss our best practice recommendations to Larry Friedberg.  Our intent was to get support for our recommendations from AGC, and meet jointly with Larry Friedberg to ask for his support as well.  Our recommendations were discussed in detail, particularly the item dealing with qualifications-based selection of the AE team on design-build project.  AGC agreed to bring the matter before the AGC Colorado board for a decision to support our position or not.
  • On April 15 the AGC Colorado board met and discussed our recommendations, but did not reach a consensus.  The issue was tabled until the May board meeting.
  • On May 20 the AGC Colorado board met and decided to support our recommendations that the AE team be selected by a qualifications-based selection process. In addition, the AGC asked that we also support a future effort to get the CM/GC portion of the design-build procurement process to also be selected on a qualifications basis instead of price.
  • On May 27 representatives from AGC, ACEC, AIA, DBIA, and QBSColorado met with Larry Friedberg to present our joint recommendations.  To our surprise Bill Haverly, Bill Ward, and Tom Goodhew from CU Boulder were also present.  We reviewed Larry Friedberg’s new policy document entitled “Best Practices Recommendations for Selection of Professional and Construction Services Utilizing Request for Proposals for Integrated Project Delivery and Request for Qualifications for Professional Services.”  This document included almost every best-practice recommendation presented by AGC and ACEC/AIA/DBIA/QBSColorado except for the QBS selection of AE services.  We also discussed the QBS selection of the AE team in detail.  We gave Larry our support for his document, which he presented to all agencies at their June 5 meeting.  In addition, Larry asked that a new task force be formed to study how to implement QBS selection of the AE team on design-build projects.  The task force will include Larry Friedberg, CU Boulder, and representatives from AGC, ACEC, AIA, DBIA, QBSColorado, and CCA.  It was decided each group would have no more than two representatives on the task force to keep it small enough to get something done.
The meeting was an outstanding success and we made great progress.  I’d like to thank each and every one of you for playing a part.   We were a success because we came together as a coalition with a common purpose, and that said a lot to Larry and his agencies.  We will start meeting as a combined task force with the State Architect probably in July.

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