DBIA Designation

The Designated Design-Build Professional™ is a powerful and respected credential for those who wish to demonstrate educational mastery plus practical knowledge, skills, and experience in design-build project delivery.

Successful completion of the education, experience, and examination requirements of the program earn individuals the right to display “DBIA” after their names, identifying them to design-build end-users and the community at-large as experienced professionals in design-build project delivery.

Visit the DBIA National Certification website for more information.

National Education Courses

DBIA remains in the forefront as the premier deliverer of high quality design-build education by working closely with industry experts to improve our objectives-based instructional material systematically and continually. This process includes the ongoing refinement of existing course materials, revitalization of previously administered courses and development of new courses based on practitioner demand and changes in the industry and/or business environment. 

DBIA's four "core courses" are the cornerstone of our educational program. These courses are required of all candidates of the Designated Design-Build Professional™ - and Associate Design-Build Professional™ - professional certification program.

Visit the DBIA National Education website for upcoming educational courses.

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